Error 101102

I cannot see some videos from a Swedish newspaper (SvD) instead of showing the video
a sign with “Error 101102” is all over a not moving picture.

Hello Bo,

By any chance, is it possible that the video frame is working? If you’re opening the newsletter in the browser/another mail client, does it load correctly? It is also possible that the antivirus software is blocking the video download - please try disabling it.


Thank you for your answer. I have jus with the help of my data support  tried what you suggested.
It does not help.
Ihave had this problem for several months , but suddenly last week the problem went away for one day.
When i started my laptop the problem was there agin.
At least 10-15 persons  have tried to solve the problem. Their conclusion is that  my one  1,5 year old HP
is in excellent condition in all other ways.