"-ERR Message 31 expunged."

So today for no known reason I began to receive:

[POP3] Can’t retrieve POP3 message due to the following reason:
“-ERR Message 31 expunged.”

What I tried:
-ran repair
-checked that Comcast/Xfinity wasn’t having issues (supposedly no)
-I can send and receive on my phone via BlueMail without issue

  • Brand new, robust, Windows 11 PC
    -eM Client version 9.2.1628 build a307a94


Thank you in advance - Kevin

I’m having the same issue. It happened a while back and I tried many things, nothing worked and then it was working on it’s own a couple of hours later.

Today, when I opened the program, it offered to update and I hit the button before my email had finished downloading. I don’t know if that’s had something to do with it, but I’m getting this error message again.

I’m hoping it will resolve on it’s own again. I’m wondering if that’s why no one ever responds to this “expunged” error message?

Crossing my fingers and hopefully someone will chime in.