Eror when preparing import: ArgumentOutOfRange_SmallCapacity From Thunderbird

Hello, I get an error when import account an folder from thunderbird : Error when preparing import ArgumentOutOfRange_SmallCapacity… help me please… any idea how to fix this??


You may have to export the emails from Thunderbird, then import that into eM Client.

Another option is to import but choose Import selected folders.

Hi Gary Curtin, Thanks for your reply
I’ve tried to import per folder, but there is still an error that i received, for some folder like inbox, sent item, draft is succed,but there is one folder that error at import process. i have archive folder big capacity 32GB and error that appears during the import process from this folder, is there a limit on this eMClient application?
this is the eror i received when importing my archive folder


It is a big folder, but that should not be a problem. Your best option would probably be to export the emails from Thunderbird, and then import them into eM Client.

If you don’t already have it, ImportExport Tools is a useful Thunderbird add-on for doing this.

yaa… i also tried to export email from my archive folder on thunderbird with ImportExport add on,  with file format .eml
from start process until finished no error appear, but after i check there are some missing email files. from 11 thousand emails, only 3 thousand that exist… i am still try again maybe there is a wrong step…

One thing is that once they are imported into eM Client, the amount of emails won’t be the same if conversations are turned on. A group of 10 emails making up a conversation is counted as 1 email. You can change or disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations

Okay, i will try again, thanks for helping my problems… i will let you know later… because the import email process takes a long time

Hi Gary Curtin
thanks for helping my problem, now my eMClient is running normally, i will post if encounter error again
Nafi (Indonesia)