Entry to calendar (google) not updating in EM client

When I add a calendar entry into google calendar, it does not update in Emclient. I have doen refresh, but it still wont show up in EM client . However, if I close Emclient down, and restart it, the calendar entry shows up. Can any help please. If not, I’ll just go back to using Outlook.

First check all of your settings
Menu - Tools - Accounts 
Make sure the account definition has the calendar feature turned on
Check settings  Menu tools Settings       calendar

Also I add calendar entries to emclient      and it updates google  
I dont do it the other way

Also after you enter a calendar entry  or Contact  
Go to your MAIL   (top left )  and hit the refresh button

I found that the items in google gmail are updated on a cycle set in emclient and hitting the refresh button pushes the update to google faster.

Hope this helps

This discussion under different headings is getting old. See also https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/google-calendar-doesn-t-sync-properly
Still awaiting a useful comment by eM Client staff, other than simply quoting the help file.
Most likely, this issue - as being unresolved, will be the cause of my abandoning eM Client.

Thanks for the comments. It’s strange, it used to work but not now. Anyhow, it spoils a good product and is making it unusable. I rely on my calendar to be accurate and upto date. At the moment with this issue, I dont have confidence in the product. Also, I agree with your comments Gary - I also believe that it is not a Google issue. Of course, I could be wrong and happy to be corrected (as long as I get a reasonable answer to the issue and why.)

Thanks Richard. I tried this, but doesnt make a difference. Thank you anyway.

I am currently relying on Thunderbird while keeping an eye on eM Client. I would love to have the reliability and functionality of TB with the beautiful look of eM Client.
I still doubt that Google is the problem because I do not have any sync issues with google calendars either using CalDAV or GCal Provider protocols in TB. On CalDAV I have tested with syncing every minute, and not had problems.

Just did a test on my account
If I add entry to emclient  it updates google calendar within seconds
However if I add entry to google calendar emclient does not know until it is cycled .

I always use emclient to update my calendar so I never saw this situation.

Also if I update calendar with Cell Phone  the same reaction  . Emclient does not see it until cycled. 

I have a professional license so I just opened a support ticket     see what they say

What you have just described is not a problem. That is the way it is designed to work. And if it is working as you just described, lucky you.

I don’t think anybody was expecting push service. But the real problem is that eM Client is often NOT syncing with the calendar, even after the set 15 minutes or whatever. Not even when you refresh. Solutions like deselecting and then re-selecting calendars is not useful. In the previous version 7.1.30508, it was working just fine, but now . . . . .

I personally never had a problem at all with eM Client sending updates to google calendar. Even when eM Client cannot download updates from google, uploads have always been working.

And when the sync is not working, the difficulty arises when you are viewing a shared calendar and you are not the one  posting updates. That means you will not see the new events even after the set 15 minutes.

Just did another test   added entry to google calendar 
My emclient is set to auto refresh in 15 minutes
After 15 minutes my emclient calendar was refreshed with the google entry
Looks like the        forced refresh key     does not work for calendars  I have asked support to add an inhancement for it to do it as it does everything else.
I have version 71.30794.0 

I’ve discovered emClient failing to sync with Google Calendar in version 8.2.1473 still. I have today’s calendar (including data from a shared calendar from my wife) on the right hand edge of emClient which is a relatively new feature. My wife had changed a work shift from 8am-4pm to 10am-6pm and it was still showing as 8-4 no matter how many times I refreshed. I expect it would have reloaded correctly if I’d closed down emClient and restarted, but I shouldn’t have to do that. Then I selected Calendar in the LEFT hand edge bar, (Calendar pops up in the central window and the right hand bar still shows today’s view) and the central calendar was fully up to date AND the right hand bar view updated itself as the central calendar appeared!!!
So it seems that even in v8.x the right sidebar calendar view only refreshes if you load the full Calendar in the left sidebar so the central window shows the Calendar. That’s a bit awkward because the whole idea of a shared calendar is that any changes my wife makes should be immediately visible to me. Unless I know something has changed, how would I know to manually refresh the sidebar calendar by popping up the full central view?

On the recent eM Client V8.2.1509 for Windows if I add entries to Google Calendar (online) with eM Client open, the new online calendar entries (do update ok on the left & right) in eM Client calendar in aprox 15mins with the general synchronization set at 10mins in eM Client.

If I add a new event (via eM Client) Google Calendar, it updates to Google Calendar (online) in a few minutes.

So its only the Google Calendar (online events) updating to eM Client Google Calendar that takes longer which is acceptable to me. I personally don’t need it Realtime from Google Calendar online.

which… if memory serves me right - is the expected behavior. As I remember Gmail only allows 1 call to the API every 15 minutes or something like that from any given program. I am sure that is what we were told. I was still having the odd glitch so I set my refresh interval to 16 minutes and touch wood it has been behaving since.

If you are hoping for the information on calendar changes like that to be near instantanoeuos I can see how it would be quite annoying though :slightly_frowning_face:

It might also be worth checking the calendar on the Gmail/Calendar Website also. If a person is updating their schedule on an app on a phone or an app/program on a PC then there may also be a delay to update the Google Servers (the master calendar if you like) and if the timings of all the refreshes are “unlucky” then I can imagine a worst case scenario where there could be a delay of over 45 minutes before the change gets to the server and then emClient polls the server and the event is sync’d to the emClient PC.

I do a similar thing with my android phone but the changes seem to be pretty instant. I can create an event on the PC and it is on the phone within a few seconds (usually) and also vice-versa. That is not using the right hand sidebar though so there may be some additional polling lag/refresh delay in there I guess - I think if this is happening then emClient should be able to poll the calendars internally a bit faster but I guess it would mean more memory requirement and CPU cycles to do so. It doesn’t sound very useful if it is not instantly reflecting what is on teh left hand side though.

from reading this: Google calendar API service account rate limit - Stack Overflow

It looks like it could be tuned better (emClient that is) for Google calendar but I expect if they had to tune it for each and every calendar provider that would be quite a lot more development work.

This is also an interesting read for shared web calendars etc.