Entering a non-breaking space

Is there a way to enter a non-breaking space in an E-mail? 

Thank you.

I tried several keystrokes that work in other programs I have (Control+Shift+space, for example) and they didn’t work. When all else fails I turn on Num Lock and enter Alt+0160 on the numeric keypad. That works in my text editor, at least. I tried it in eM Client, copied the text containing it to the clipboard, and pasted it into my text editor. But when I examined the text again with “invisible” characters displayed as symbols, the Alt+0160 space had become just a plain space character. Maybe it didn’t “survive” the clipboard, or maybe it didn’t work at all within eM Client. Hopefully someone who works for eM Client can advise.

Alt+255 on the keypad has worked for me since MS-DOS days.

Alt+255 such as Alt+0160 types plain space character in eM Client.

I use Birman’s typography layout, the keyboard layout has keystroke Alt+Space for non-breaking space. It don’t work too in eM Client.

If I type plain space at end of line it converts to non-breaking space but if I type after that space, the space converts to plain space.

If I select any text and type Alt+0160 the text changes to non-breaking space that saves in email. It is one way to type a email with non-breaking spaces.

Please add normal support of non-breaking spaces such as other application (Alt+0160, Alt+255 and Alt+Space in Birman’s keyboard layout)!

It would be nice if eM Client could support the use of Ctrl+Shift+Space as in Microsoft’s Word and Outlook programs…