Enhance the "Group By" functionality

I Group by Tags in the main Email list window on my Inbox. However, there are a couple of features that I miss compared to Outlook:

  1. The option to set the “Group By” Header to be the same colour as the Tag. The option exists to set the font colour to be the same as the Tag but I would prefer just the group header to be coloured.
  2. Every time I arrange some Group headers to collapse and some to Expand, as soon as I click on another folder and then come back to my Inbox, all Groups have automatically expanded again. It’s maddening! I would like to see the exact same view as when I last clicked on the folder without having to rearrange all the Group expand/collapse status for each Group Header every time.

Thanks, Robin

Estoy deacuerdo con el punto 2. Es muy molesto tener que contraer y expandir los nodos según tu gusto y cuando vuelves a iniciar eM Client vuelve ha aparecer todo expandido y vuelta a empezar