Endless syncing on Activesync (EAS) and slow to send/receive emails

I am connected via Activesync.  All folders have synced properly (excellent!) and so did calendar.  However, the operations log shows that eM Client is endlessly syncing through each folder.

Also, it is at least seven minutes before a sent email appears in my inbox.  Same with sending emails.  

I just installed and did an initial sync last night.  Should this fix itself? Is it just the last stage of the initial sync or is there a real problem?

Hi Marco,
what version of eM Client are you running and what mail service are you using with it?
Also, please check what interval for synchronization you have set up in Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization.

Best regards,

Is it because it uses IMAP/SMTP for emails, which doesn’t work behind the corporate firewall?
Afaik EAS uses only Port 80/443, which would pass the firewall (with our  ruleset).