Encoding message subjects in utf-8

Hello, I use the Russian language in messages. Message in the subject the UTF-8 is not displayed correctly. I ask you to understand problem. Thank you for the best e-mail client in the world!

Hi Alex, can you please send me one of these corrupt messages exported to .eml file to my email, [email protected]?

Export the message by drag and drop onto a new message or right click the message and select Forward > As attachment.
Also please include a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

I send message. Thanks! I wait response.

Hi Alex, thank you for the received data, I’ve submitted the data to the developers and I’m currently waiting for more information.

Please be patient, thank you,

Is there any answer to this? I have the exact same problem with greek characters.

Hello Yiannis,
since this is an old thread it is possible the issue was of a completely different nature.
Please export one of the corrupt messages into an EML file and send it to [email protected] so we can analyze it.

Hello! I’ve similar problem. When I send Forward mails the subject becomes unreadable.