Enable Double-clicking of Tray Icon

Please enable an option to set the program to allow double-click on tray icon to bring up emClient. All of the programs I use which have system tray icons (NOT taskbar icons), all require double-click to open the program (unlike taskbar icons), however emClient does it with one click and I often double-click out of habit which causes the program left of it to open too - it doesn’t distinguish between what the clicks were for. Maybe have an option for single and double-click of the tray icon?

Yes! This is annoying… Please action.

Hi, this is by design, to be honest I was unable to find any other software with double click icon in systray.
Anyway we will stay with majority in this and it will not be implemented.


Hi there, all my current apps in the sys tray which open by double click are Comodo Firewall, Evernote, Skitch, Networx, VAIO Update, Razer Synapse - the only ones what open with single is is emClient and Avast - avast however leaves the icon in the system tray and doesn’t disappear - so there is not accidental clicking of other icons in the system tray.

Also sorry to sound rude, but who is part of the majority? You said you were unable to find software. I have now given examples and they are popular apps too. Which apps do you use that reopen with a single click? I am not referring to programs pinned to the taskbar - it is system tray.

I am not asking to change the design, just requesting an additional alternative settings for people (I am sure I am not the only one - my friend who commented above also has the same problem). It would be nice to either have the option for it to open or double click or handle it like Avast does and leave the emClient icon on the system tray.

Priya is right. There are more applications requiring double click to open than single click. Some that single click have an option to double click.

Skype, Yahoo, Viber, Counterpath X-Lite are other apps that need to be double clicked.

What is most frustrating is em Clients icon disappears!

I can’t count how many times this particular behavior of eM Client (using version 5) has “bitten” me… so I’ll put in my 2 cents about the problem…

If eM Client’s icon would just stay put in the systray, then it wouldn’t matter if it opened with a single-click or a double-click. I agree with the other commenters that the double-click is the standard that some of us have become used to for systray icons, not because it actually is the standard (which could be single-click, I don’t know)… but because there are a few applications on just about everybody’s computer which do nothing on a single-click, or at least do something more useful on a double-click than they do on a single click. So while most systray icons may do something on a single click, the ones that don’t have trained us by subconscious user experience, to double click systray icons just in case, as a matter of habit… because single-clicking and waiting to see if something will happen, and then if nothing happens, guessing whether maybe we were supposed to double-click or right click, is a bit nerve wracking… whereas if you just double-click on most systray icons, you will get something to happen in most cases, unless for some reason the application in question responds only to right-click.

If you want examples I can survey my computer’s 25 different systray icons and let you know what each one does.

What eM Client does, that is causing problems for those of us who are reporting this issue… is make its systray icon disappear the instant the first click happens. This means that if I make the “mistake” of double-clicking it, I invariably open another application as well, in addition to opening eM Client. Because this is not the action I wanted, then I have to close the other program. I have to do this with eM Client and other programs, several times a day, just about every time I double-click on the eM Client systray icon… which I did by accident even while typing up this report!

So if eM Client’s systray icon could be re-programmed to simply stay where it is in the systray, even if the program’s main user interface pops open, then the problem would be solved. Even better would be to ignore the “double-click” message so that the user interface weren’t given the “open” signal twice, but rather just on the first click.

Even better would be changing the eM Client systray icon when new mail has arrived, like Windows Live Mail or Outlook does. This might provide a better excuse for the systray icon to stay visible, since it would now be serving an additional function.

I agree with David’s suggestion that for when there is new mail, you have another icon which notifies this… For this icon you would expect a single click to open the application (or even better the new mail itself) as opposed to a double click.

For me, in my experience, “applications” you double click. “Notifications” you single click. This may be a personal thing for how I’ve trained my brain but this I think makes sense.

Hi, we really do not plan to change this. If double click would be standard behaviour then yes, but since it is working as it is supposed to be there is no sense in changing this behaviour.


Hi there, I appreciate that his is your software and your company does decide what to do with it. But we have provided examples where it is not standard behaviour. Can you provide examples backing your claim that is already standard please for closure? Eg, give examples of other apps behaving in this way.

Basically all non Microsoft software.
At my office or home computer major of software reacts to one click (or one click or double click differently).


How can you say you didn’t find any software that does this?

Your main competitor does it. I just verified it with Outlook 2010 on one of my laptops. If you have “minimize to tray” enabled in Outlook, double-clicking the tray icon re-opens the window. Single-clicking does not.

Please implement this. I just started using eM Client and I also find this behavior INCREDIBLY annoying.

Don’t think they said they can’t find any software that does this - more majority of major ones don’t work like this. 2 years on, it’s seem many programs have adopted single click. I still have some that require double-click though - so can’t have perfect world, just have to work on muscle memory on an app basis. It still doesn’t look like a planned feature.

If it’s any consolation - 2 years after I have gotten quite used to the single click, so perhaps you may too. I think it’s particularly using Outlook then emClient which is the major hurdle we’re used to double-clicking for new mail.

Please change this. Other than EM Client, I have exactly ZERO applications in my system tray that open with a single click, so I am not sure what this “,majority” nonsense is.

Also, why are you being so arrogantly stubborn with your (many paying) users? Its a bit ridiculous. Makes me wonder if I should even keep paying for you software if this is your mentality. Who are you, Apple?

They have requested a feature because the current behavior is incredibly annoying. If you don’t agree with it, then give the option to choose, but don’t just sit there and say “we don’t like it, so it stays as-is”. What YOU like is not what matters.

Also, while I am at it, why does the icon disappear from the system tray when I open the program? Yet another abnormal behavior from EMClient that I have never seen on another program. Have you guys actually used Windows?

Absolutely agree. This is so annying. Best practices from Microsoft, https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dn742495(v=vs.85).aspx, say:

Left double-click

  • Perform the default command on the context menu. Typically, this displays the primary UI associated with the icon, such as the associated control panel item, property sheet, or program window.
  • If there is no default command, perform the same action as a left single-click.

So basically you are not following best practices.

A workaround is to move the EM icon as far to the left as possible. That way you don’t click the next icon when you accidental doubleclick.

It is such a small thing to fix, having the icon always shown in the tray when you have chosen to minimize EM to the tray. Probably just a few lines of code. The behaviour is abnormal and does not follow the guidelines from Microsoft.

Although continuing this conversation is probably useless due to the fact that the development team long ago decided they have nothing to learn on this topic… Lars, I’m glad you found the Microsoft guidelines proving that icons are expected to respond to double-click the same way as single-click.

It would be incredibly simple for the eM Client development team to support receiving the double-click action, *without* changing their functionality in any way, and without following any of the great suggestions we have made (leaving the icon in the tray permanently).

As a computer programmer, I know: when the click action is received, two things happen: 1. The program is made visible on the screen.  “Show main window”.  and 2. The tray icon is removed.

The change they could do which would be trivially easy and introduce perhaps 2-5 more lines of code is, instead of simply removing the tray icon, they could: 2. Set a timer for 1 second (longer than the slowest double click).  Point the timer handling code to callback routine.  3. In the timer callback routine, remove the tray icon.

That would literally be all that is necessary to solve the problem while leaving the functionality exactly the same as eM Client has decided is correct… and while still catching and ignoring our double-clicks rather than causing us to single-click on a totally different program when the tray icon disappears faster than we can react.  Is anybody from eM Client reading this?  If not, can we make yet another redundant request with my new idea for compromise on this issue, which I’m presenting here?

They are after 4 years still considering this similar issue https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/always_enable_system_tray_icon which also would solve this issue. So why this is “not planned” and the other is “under consideration” I don’t know.