eMv8 contacting external sites, even with Offline Content set to 'Off'

Was wondering what eM is doing when it receives a new email. from any of the IMAP accounts configured in it.

I have ‘Download Content’ set to Off - yet when I get an email (say, something from gofundme) my firewall is pinged - eM v8 is trying to make a request to the domain name.

Essentially, I do not want eM making any outbound connects to other servers OTHER than my configured eMail servers - UNLESS I tell it to go ahead and show content in an email.

Anyone happen to know why it’s trying to make these requests?

You can change that setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy.


As stated (unclearly) in my first post, it is:

So I would expect NO OUTBOUND connections to be made. Note, that I have NO emails in my whitelist - I am assuming, since I’ve never used my whitelist.

Yes, with that setting, and no whitelisted senders. eM Client will only connect to your IMAP server and nothing else when retrieving the message or viewing an email.

And that is what I am saying -
It is still pinging other servers with that setting set that way. Firewall is catching it trying to reach out to domains when I get emails from them (spam or not).

I am not able to reproduce that.

Do you know what it is looking at in the domains? It may be from the avatar search. That will certainly look at the sender’s domain for a domain avatar, or sites like Gravatar. That’s for the avatar displayed in the message header. I understood that was controlled by the above setting also, but maybe it is not. You can turn it off in Menu > Settings > Contacts > Download avatars from external sources.

If that doesn’t help, and you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.

Haven’t yet installed a snooper to determine what it is querying. Am in trial now, so do not have a pro license.

As an example - this spam just showed up, my firewall letting me know it’s trying to access…

It’s not going to Gravatar (I DID allow those requests in the firewall), but this is obviously trying to hit the domain directly. Will try turning off the avatars, and see what happens.

An update, in case anyone else notices this.

Whatever the client is doing, it IS because of the ‘Download avatars from external sources’ checkbox in Settings -> Contacts -> General: Avatars.

Now sure if the client is following some avatar standard pinging servers or what, but disabling that will stop it trying to reach out to domains you get received email from.

Yes, when you receive an email from zxy@abc.com, eM Client will look for an avatar for that specific address. It may be registered with Gravatar, or from a Google account or similar, but if not it will look for the favicon for abc.com.