Empty trash when exiting.

I thought the version 6 was to have an option to empty trash upon exiting. I just downloaded your latest version 5.0.19406.0 which has the option which I have it checked to empty trash upon exiting, but it does not. What do I need to do to get this to work.

5.0.19406.0 is 5th version, not 6th. In 6th version it is under Tools - Settings - General - General, “Empty trash on exit”.


Sorry John, version should have been 6.0.19714.0
I have it checked to empty trash on exit, which does not work, still in trash.

can you tell me what email service provider do you use and what folders are not emptied?


Hi Jan, I use Grande.com which is TV, internet, phone. I’m talking about Trash folder under my email user name. or under each user name if you have more than one, upper left side. Not the extra folders at bottom.

If you right click on that folder do you have “Empty trash” option there?


Yes I do have empty trash on right click.
Yes it will empty trash folder when you exit program. That is when you completely exit eMClient or shutdown computer.
What I meant to empty trash when you close the program. When you close the program the Trash folder is not emptied at this time, till you shutdown computer for the day.

Please take a look at my reply.

Wait, so when you close by File - Exit then it does not work and it works only after you shutdown computer? Or by close do you mean put it to systray?

If the first case then after you exit eM Client please check in Task Manager if there is process called mailclient.exe


Like I said in my other post, I give up. You are telling me that when you read an email and you delete it and then you close to tray, the email is gone. Not doing this with me, it’s still in the Trash folder. If I exit the program by right clicking the eM Client icon in the tray and Exit, then restart it’s gone.
This needs tobe changed to empty Trash folder when you close the program to tray.

I see now, no closing to tray does not mean “Exit”, so I understand that it works for you like it has been designed and therefore it is not issue.