Empty Trash option for Trash folder in Smart Folder

Smart folders are a great idea but they do no retain any of the functions avaialble to standard folders. Most importantly, there is no way to Empty Trash on the Trash folder under Smart folders.

This funcitonality was requested 3 years ago.

It was promised in version 7 and it has not landed.https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/empty_trash_via_smart_folders

So once, again, could you just implement this ? It is trivial to do so! Or at least provide an “Empty Trash in all accounts” button.

still waiting too

+1, I have 5 email accounts and it would be convenient, to empty all trash cans with one command. Thunderbird does it, by the way:

em client makes it too,
you must press

well hidden!

I think you should be able to right click on the smart trash folder and empty trash that way or use the top bar and customize it to have an icon shown so you can just easily click from there. By default the move to junk was not on within the top bar and I had to bring that out.

I agree. This feature should be implemented. The person who posted this request (https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/empty_trash_via_smart_folders) had a great idea! :slight_smile:

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The Junk mail Smart Folder should have the same right-click, Empty Junk option as the standard Junk folders have. Smart folders whole meaning of life is too easily act on emails across multiple accounts. Yet something as simple as trash and junk requires the user to expand each account’s folders and access the folders directly. While workable, certainly not optimal.

It’s good that this feature exists, but why not add a Smart Trash with an option to empty all trash messages that it contains?  This makes it easier and more obvious?

But you can Ctrl+A and delete. :wink:

I came back to buy emclient but I see this is still not implemented. Is there any support? If they promise these simple things but don’t realize it in so many years.

The last I saw was that it was not planned. Then again, maybe it is one of the improvements waiting for the release of version 8. :wink: