Empty Trash in Smart Folders with right click menu

When you right click on the Trash in Smart Folders there isn’t an option to Empty Trash. The only way to empty trash is to use the main menu command.

Can Empty Trash be added to the context menu that appears when you right click on Trash in Smart Folders?

Hi, we might consider this to implement in later versions but so far it is not planned.


one of the things i’ve discovered about the people who run em client is they basically don’t give a crap about the needs of people USING and PAYING for their product. This is absurd and incredlbly short-sighted. This was an issue 11 months ago, and it’s still an issue today, and it’s not been implimented. Why not? Is it so crazy to want to be able to delete mail without having to click on a menu?
This theme is pervasive thru-out this product. The forums are basically window dressing as people ask for the most basic things that are common sense and the answers are almost always the same SNARKY answer… We’ll think about it, but we’re not planning on adding it so please don’t waste our time, we’re too busy not bothering to improve this… I’m a relatively new user, and there are good parts to this product, but the bad parts are almost equal, but to me the ABSOLUTE worst part are all the things people have requested over the past year, and it appears none of them have been added. We’re the clients… why do we not matter? We pay for it, if we stop buying it and go to a more responsive company who actually cares about their users, then em client goes bankrupt because no one’s paying for it. And truth be told, having a right click empty trash is about as basic a tool in an email client as there is. And it’s not important enough to bother adding it. And that just sucks. Also, why is this forum editor only one stinking line? That sucks too.

Hi Marty,

Luckily eM Client is regularly being updated with bug fixes … a lot of those fixes are because end users have mentioned those bugs here in this forum.

I agree with you that adding ‘empty trash’ in a popup menu should not be difficult (as there is already the same option in the main menu).

The team of eM Client is also busy with version 7 … let’s hope that in that version more suggestions of people will be implemented.

Personally I don’t know how (quickly) Microsoft for example is implementing requests from end users to Outlook (or Word, Excel, et cetera).

Bye the way, the editor of this forum grows (vertically) when I’m writing in it … is that not the case with you? I’m using Firefox 34.0.

I’m using chrome and it scrolls up but the box stays one line regardless of what i’m typing. i can’t see more than the line above the actually one and it does not grow… Now you’ll say use firefox?

Anyway, the concept of comparing em client to outlook word etc is pretty absurd as those product have been around a long time and already have the vast majority of items in it working correctly. Saying you’re working on version 7 and maybe thinks like adding a trash button MIGHT be added is just pouring water on a oil fire… It just minimizes the things users think are important.

Anyway, it’s just what it is… i’ve added another problem you can address and tell me it’s not a problem you’re able to fix but maybe it’ll be fixed in version 8 or 9…

When mail is junk, and you delete it, it goes to trash, but when you empty trash, it goes back to junk… this is clearly not correct… the only way to delete it is to put it back in the inbox as not junk then it can be deleted normally… this is a pretty huge issue… but i’m confident you’ll tell me it’s not currently fixable and it’s not planned to be address, but thank you for understanding.