Empty Menu in folders

it is good if you guys add the option for emptiying mail from Folders.cause its very necessary and Time saving

Hello not quite sure what you’re suggesting. You can remove your items from folders using the delete button or using shortcuts such as Ctrl+A to select all your mail and delete for removal. Or you can select multiple items while holding control and remove the items using Delete.

You can remove all your items from the Trash folder, by right clicking the folder and selecting the option “Empty Trash”.

Hope this helps,

I believe this is what I’m wondering as well… how to delete all emails in a specific folder… like how you can right click on the trash folder and “empty”  can you add an option to the other folders to right click and select “delete all messages”   Thanks!

What Paul said!

Go to the folder, use Ctrl+A, then click delete. You can also delete the folder then recreate it.