Empty distribution lists after updating to V7

After updating to version 7, my distribution lists are all empty - the name of each list is still in my contacts, but there are no email addresses in it.

Not at all happy as the ability to use distribution lists is the main reason that I chose emClient.

Hello Lindsey,
sorry you experienced loss of your distribution lists.
Can you please tell me what account did this happen on so we can test it and see if the issue persists even with the current version?
Or was this with local DLs?



The problem happened on my hotmail account, but the distribution lists were created using emClient, not imported from hotmail or Windows Live Mail (which is what I used to use).

I have since recreated my distribution lists from scratch, only to find that they had been emptied again the next time I used emClient.

The version of emClient that I am using is 7.0.26567.0.

This problem, together with some performance issues that I am experiencing, is making me reconsider my choice of email clients - one of the main reasons that I chose emClient was because of its support for distribution lists.


Hello Lindsey,
we still support distribution lists and I have not encountered this issue before, so more information would be very useful.
How is your hotmail account setup? Is it using IMAP(and AirSync) protocol or have you setup your account using Exchange?
Are the Distribution Lists on your server?
Are there any error messages in the Tools>Operations window? If so, could you please copy them?

Also, please make sure you are running the latest version of eM Client. Currently: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.27943/setup.msi


Hi Olivia,

I believe that my hotmail account is set up using IMAP protocol. There are no error messages.

Not sure where the Distribution Lists are - if I look at Contacts, then they are under Hotmail/Contacts, but I don’t know if that means they are on the server or not. They were created using emClient.

A few hours ago, I created two new distribution lists using emClient, one in Hotmail/Contacts and one in Local Folders/Contacts. The one in Hotmail/Contacts got emptied sometime during the evening - possibly when emClient lost connection to hotmail due to my laptop going into sleep mode (I’m just guessing here)? The DL in Local Folders has not been emptied.

Hope that helps. I will try updating to the latest version tomorrow and see if that makes any difference.


Hello Lindsey,
are there any AirSync errors in Menu>Tools>Operations window?
Also, I believe the issue could be when you synchronize your Lists to the server.
I suggest keeping your DLs in Local folders until we figure the issue out.


Hi Olivia,

No errors of any kind in Menu>Tools>Operations window. I’ve just tried again and kept an eye on the log during the period when the list gets emptied, but there are no errors, just “Synchronising” messages - some of them are AirSync and some are IMAP messages.

The DL that I created in Local folders hasn’t been emptied, so I will use that as you suggested.



Hello Lindsey,
the AirSync set up is definitely at fault here. It used to be a protocol used for Microsoft accounts for synchronizing Calendar and Contacts, but Microsoft no longer supports it.
This past year all Microsoft mail accounts (outlook, hotmail, live, …) have been migrating to Exchange protocol.

If you want to synchronize your contacts with the Microsoft account, you will need to remove your account from eM Client and then set ip up as Exchange.

To set up your account manually go to Tools>Accounts > New Account and instead of Automatic setup choose Mail>Exchange.
Use your FULL mail address for both the ‘Email address’ and ‘User name’ text fields.

Or, if you prefer, you can keep using the Local Contacts for your DLs.


Thanks for the info and help Olivia. Typical Microsoft, messing around with things that used to work ok :slight_smile:

Olivia, Having real Contacts problems. 1. Disappearing Distribution lists. The account set up is not as you described above, there is no selection other than Automatic, there is an up arrow in the Automatic banner but it does not change anything. What I have found is that after creating a Distribution list synch causes the People section on Outlook web mail to create a label for the Distribution list but there is no content, a subsequent synch causes the Dist List in emclient to be empty. 
2 I recreated my hotmail account and all emails synch but I no longer have any Contacts synched from Outlook.com. I can see them at Outlook.com in the People section but no contacts synch as has previously occurred. Me thinks an Outlook server problem. CORRECTION. Contacts have at last synched. What I have noticed that may cause a problem is that when Contacts are synched from Outlook.com the Contacts columns are changed. I usually re-organise them and this may be a problem. eg when synched the first column is Full Name. I usually remove this and have Surname as the first. Maybe this influences the Distribution list problrm being experienced ???

David C

Hello David,
unless you set up your microsoft mail account as Exchange the contacts and calendar CANNOT work correctly.
We previously use AirSync, but support for this protocol has been discontinued by Microsoft (it occassionally works on some servers that havent been migrated yet, but it cannot be trusted)
The manual setups are under the Automatic one:


Thanks Olivia. Can now locate Exchange , thanks to you picture. Have now tested Distribution list operation, contents no longer disappear. Your input will be very useful for others.

Hi Olivia,

I have just followed your suggestion to remove my hotmail account from emClient and set it up as an exchange client.

I now have two major problems:

  1. All my Local Folders have disappeared (these were imported from Windows Live Mail and were under “Local Folders”, not under my hotmail account. These contained years worth of emails that I needed to save.

  2. I keep getting this error:

So basically, I am now in worse state than I was before, with possible loss of data.


Any suggestions as to how I get my data back and get my email working gratefully received.


Two points

  1. When setting up an email account for outlook.com you recommend selecting Exchange. There is a selection for Outlook. Why would the selection of the Outlook option not set up the best settings? Perhaps an app change is necessary to make this so.
  2. I have set up two computers to Exchange at home and I support a number of users. I have started a process of moving all who use Outlook.com over to Exchange. and I was shocked when remotely accessing my first site using Teamviewer that I could not achieve Exchange set up, the process would not progress to completion after entering the final details of User name and password. ??? Any clue?

Update: I have discovered why my local folders disappeared and have managed to get them back (for some reason, the setting to “Show local folders” got switched off when I removed and re-added the account.

However, I would still like to know what to do about the synchronisation errors that I’m getting (see above).

Thanks, Lindsey

Hello Dav,
Microsoft discontinued the AirSync protocol which was previously used for whole Microsoft accounts synchronization -  Mail, Calendar and Contacs.

The ‘options’ in the manual Mail setup are programmed by us. The Outlook setting was made during the migration process as a default for all MS accounts - IMAP for mail, AirSync for Calendars and Contacts.
(Also, before the migration started, Microsoft claimed they will be migrating to IMAP - and that is what we have been preparing for; the Exchange solution was as much of a surprise to us as to the users.)
If the account would be migrated, the users wouldn’t get as scared, because only their Calendar and Contacts would stop being synchronized (contrary to their full account suddenly being empty and throwing errors).
Exchange could not be set as default for obvious reasons - because not all accounts have been/are migrated to exchange.
So, that is essentially what the Outlook setting is. If your account has already been migrated, it is indeed better to use the Exchange setting, as only this is sure to sync your calendars and contacts.

As for the set up - are you using the mail address as user name as well? The initial setup might take a while, have you let the synchronization run until it finishes? Or do you get the ‘could not connect to the server’ error?


To re-iterate: after following your suggestion to remove my hotmail account and set it up using the Exchange protocol, it can not synchronise my contacts at all. I am getting the following error every time it tries to synch:

Please can you advise as to how to solve this problem as it is making it impossible for me to use emClient.