Eml import - major bug

So i wasn’t a happy camper to learn that after importing over 30,000 emails from eml files that i had just exported from the same version of eM Client on another computer, every folder name with a dot in it did not import.

I’ve done this a few times in the past and never noticed the problem, so perhaps it’s a recently introduced bug. The exporting program is the latest eM Client on Windows 10 v 1809, while the importing program is the latest eM Client on Windows 10 v 1903. This may matter because 1903 made a change related to dots in file/folder names.

When i manually fixed the problem these emails imported fine when the folder already existed, so the problem appears to be with folder creation. What happens is that a folder name like mysite.com will result in a folder named mysite and a sub-folder named com. The folder name is broken at every dot and broken into as many sub-folders as necessary. For instance the folder 123456 B.C. LTD. resulted in a folder structure like 123456 > B > C > LTD – then, because the folder name is wrong, no email gets imported into that folder.

This is obviously not the way things should be, and i don’t think it’s the way it used to be (but not 100% sure of that), so someone should probably look into the problem.

This may be a convention used by your server. Generally if you create a folder on your IMAP account, with most servers if it has a dot in the name, it will create a sub folder for what follows the dot. So if you want to create a sub-folder of Inbox called Test, you can simply create a folder called INBOX.Test. That is normal practice.

Try importing the messages into Local Folders and see what happens. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings  General > Show Local Folders if they are not visible.

Hi Gary,

The IMAP bit makes sense, but i exported from local folders then imported again into local folders. The server would not have been aware of this.

I will see if I can reproduce it tomorrow and get back to you.

What version of eM Client are you using Shanna?

eM Client 7.2.36694.0 for both export and import

export side - Windows 10 Pro v 1809
import side - Windows 10 Pro v 1903