Eml export problems

just tried to export some messages as EML in order to import them into my Mac Mail. Problem is that each message in HTML format loses everything and is not correctly interpreted back.
Embedded pictures display only the full url of that picture, etc. All messages are in plain text. This is not related to the MacMail configuration.

Then I decided to switch to IMAP instead of exporting.
If I take my folder which correctly displays my emails, and I move/copy them to the IMAP account, then, here again, only URLs.
If I check the messages themselves, they all have a multipart section that seems to be the cause of the problem.

Read those messages then in Outlook, and iPad.
Any workaround?

Example in the picture.

could you please forward the problematic mail as attachment directly to me? My email address is: wilson@emclient.com. Thank you. You can also attach the same exported message (Saved in eml.)