eMClient working erratically with verizon/AOL email server

I installed eMClient on my computer as well as my father-in-laws.  Both of use use Windows 10 and we both have verizon email addresses (that now use AOL’s email servers).  I continued to use Windows Live Mail but installed eMClient on my machine so I would be able to answer the inevitable questions that he would have.  He called the other day to say that he stopped receiving emails and could no longer send emails.  I played around with eMClient on his computer (re-entering passwords, checking settings, etc.) and was able to get things working correctly.  Not sure what I did to fix the problem but it started working correctly.  2 days later he called with the same issue.  This time I was unable to get things working.  Out of curiosity, I opened eMClient on my machine and the program would not receive nor send emails.  The program continued to show me a dialog box saying a password was required (although the dialog box already had the username and password filled in).  This dialog box would continue to show up every 15 seconds after selecting OK.  After re-entering information in the accounts section (changing nothing) the program suddenly worked properly.  Today I opened the program and it is again not receiving emails (although it is currently sending emails)!

I have attached the error messages as well as the account settings in the attached files (I have 2 email accounts - johndoe_1 and johndoe_2.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Rick


You said the service has moved from Verizon to AOL, but you are still connecting to the Verizon server rather than an AOL one.

I would also suggest using the full email address ([email protected]) as the login name rather than just johndoe_1.


Thanks for the timely response.  I had tried changing the login to [email protected] prior but did not help.  I tried again after seeing your response but still no change.  

Verizon apparently got out of the email business about 6 months ago and “partnered” with AOL to take over.  Verizon users could keep their email addresses therefore making this transition rather easy.  Verizon provided very specific instructions in setting up an AOL account to be used with our Verizon addresses.  I don’t know if my terminology was correct when I say the service moved from Verizon servers to AOL servers but I think that is what happened.  I now go to AOL.com to do web mail rather than Verizon.

My email has worked perfectly using Windows Live Mail since this transition and continues to do so.  eMClient has also connected to and worked every time I started it since that transition occurred with the exception of the last several weeks.  I have included the instructions from the AOL website on setting up third party email software. 

I think I have everything correct.  Do you see anything here that is inconsistent with the settings I show above or have any other suggestions?

Thanks again for your help.


OK, from your screenshots you have the incorrect host names. Please change them to the following:

host: pop.verizon.net
port: 995
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

host: smtp.verizon.net
port: 465
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

And for your username, make sure you use the full email address. i.e. [email protected], not just johndoe_1.

I just transitioned to EM Client from Thunderbird. Using the settings above I can send and receive email without a problem but email doesn’t synch with other devices. I assume this is because of the POP3 setting for incoming email. My email is [email protected] (now on AOL servers). In the setting menu my options are the same as those in the beginning of this string – a POP3 tab but no IMAP tab option.There must be some workaround so I can synch emails.


I just saw your response today - I’m not sure why I didn’t receive an email notification that you replied a month ago so I apologize for just responding now.  I implemented your recommended changes and things appear to be working correctly now!!  I must have looked at AOL’s chart a zillion times but never picked up on changing “incoming” and “outgoing” to POP and SMTP - dah!

Thank you very much !!!


Hi Tucker.

You are correct in your assumption that using POP3 will not sync across your devices. You will need to setup the account as IMAP to do that.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account. Entering your email address in the Automatic Setup and following the setup wizard should setup the account as IMAP, as that is eM Client’s default. Once the IMAP is setup, you can move any missing messages from the POP3 folders to the IMAP ones before removing the POP3 account from eM Client.


I’ve done exactly what you described. The problem is that you don’t get an IMAP tab as an option. The screen automatically defaults to three tabs: General, POP3, SMTP, and diagnostics. You can see this in the screen shots at the top of the page where the questioner is setting up a verizon.net account



Tucker, you will get either POP3 or IMAP, not both. I should have mentioned that, sorry! Just ignore the IMAP settings. I included that for those who are using IMAP rather than POP3.

Hi Gary, I see what the problem was. First, I wanted IMAP (not POP3), but when you do the automatic setup with a verizon.net email you only get a POP3 option. You have to go to the mail option below the automatic setup where you get to choose IMAP or POP.

The email and synching seems to be working fine now. However, EM Client didn’t pull over any of my saved folders in Thunderbird. It did so with my Gmail account but not the verizon.net (aol) account. Any thoughts as to why?



The Verizon account is now setup as IMAP? How was it setup in Thunderbird?

Or did you import the data from Thunderbird?

Yes, the verizon.net account is setup in IMAP. The verizon.net email was changed to IMAP in Thunderbird when AOL took over under the recommended AOL imap settings. Didn’t do any importing

Can you verify that the folders you had in Thunderbird are there when using the web interface for the account?

No they’re not so I guess I have to import them

Yes. Fortunately you can import selected folders, so you don’t need to import everything.