emClient won't quit automatically upon shutting down the computer

I’m running the newest version of emClient on a Windows 10 computer. Each time I shut down or restart the computer, the emClient reports it wasn’t quit gracefully and would check for errors for a long time. I didn’t meet this on any other email client, such as thunderbird and foxmail. Will you do something to fix this? Thanks!

Mine does that too, though not every time. You have to shut down the email client manually before turning off your computer. Irritating, I know. 

eM Client are working on the problem. The latest development build is much improved in this regard.

This has been a known problem for years, and it’s shocking that it hasn’t yet been fixed.

The way to avoid it is to shut down eM Client itself and wait for some time before shutting down your computer, as reported above by .

I hope it’s fixed, not just “much improved.”

It has now been fixed and will be in the next release.

The free version too, or just the paid one?

They are the same, but yes, the fix will be available to both.

Is the fix available now or will you offer us the expected version number with that fix? So we can switch back in time.

It was fixed in 7.1.31788, and seems to work just fine in subsequent versions. Sometimes eM Client Support will offer these unreleased versions to those experiencing problems to see if the issue is resolved. These are not publicly released versions as there may still be some other issues that need to be addressed before being officially released.

The next release to be listed in http://www.emclient.com/release-history will include this specific fix.

I had quite a lot of trouble with this this problem, it appeared to be gone for some time, but is back now, especially the last months… Very annoying.

I am on version 7.1.30794.0, which is the latest version according to the
Release history page. Where do I find version 7.1.31788, or even later versions?

I guess it is up to eM Client when they release versions. I would think that because these have not been publicly released, there may be some other issues. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to release something that fixed one problem, but created a whole bunch more.

Hopefully we will get an Official Response on this.

Happily I found the newest version (7.1.31849.0, greater than 7.1.31788) on the official download site, however, the app still reports a corrupt database after shuttin down or restarting the computer (on a Windows 10 Fall Creator Update platform).

Yep, same here. This is really getting very annoying.

I tested 7.1.31788 on Windows 1607 because that is where the majority of our users are, and I did not find any problems. On 1703 I did not find this problem either, but I did not do much testing for that version. I have not tested it on 1709, because we do not consider that update stable. This is not the opinion of eM Client, but maybe they could comment about their own testing.

Did you try the previous version 7.1.31788?

You could always go back to the old workaround of closing eM Client and giving it a little time before shutdown of Windows. :frowning:

Well, I’ve given up hoping for a solution. This annoying problem has been around for quite some time now, and there’s still no solution in sight other than using workarounds… Guess I was expecting to much from a paid product… Very disappointing…

Works fine for me.  I think sometimes AV software can keep the database from shutting down properly.  You might want to turn off your AV software and reboot to see if you still get the improper shutdown error.

As Jay says AV applications can sometimes affect this. Another option is the Quick Start facility in Windows. This saves the machine state on shut-down kind of like a hybrid hibernate. It is possible that as eM Client has not completely shut down, this is being duplicated again on Windows start-up. On normal hibernate or suspend there is no problem.

Flupke01, as you have a Pro License, why not open a support ticket and they may be able to help you further, or at least get additional data from you so this can be fixed.

I already had a support ticket about this. Though the support assistant apparently did his best to help, he could not tell me more than the obvious ‘solutions’, like disabling AV-software, reinstalling/updating eM Client and shutting down eM Client manually… I’ve tried it all, with no avail.

At best I can indeed avoid this problem by shutting down eM Client manually, but even then the problem occurs now and then!
But even if this would be a fail-safe workaround, it’s still frustrating, as this is not how it should work… And in the past it also DID work like it should!

I have a fresh Windows 10 setup and the latest eM client and use only Ms defender, not other security/cleaning software or anything like that. My idea is now that Windows is just shutting down too fast for eM Client to keep up. I’ve already been searching for a way to slowdown the shutdown process of Windows, but so far did not succeed… 

My recent observations are that it really has to do with the background task that is running. When Windows shuts down, if it is still running it simply kills this process rather than waiting for it to end normally. I have seen though, that if this process is running, sometimes it will not close at all. I think this is where your now and then problem is still happening.  I always close eM Client by clicking on the top-right X. Sometimes the word close remains there for a few seconds after the application has apparently closed. Occasionally it has remained there for longer, and every time the background process is still running.

With POP3 only accounts, eM Client seems to close a whole lot quicker and cleaner than with IMAP accounts. Of course the more accounts and the more emails you have, and other complications like Conversation mode, also seem to delay the shutdown of eM Client. eM Client also seems to close better on earlier versions of Windows 10.

In the end, workarounds are not the solution. I work mostly on my laptop so just hibernate thus avoiding the issue. This also is not the solution. :frowning:

Yeah, that seems logical, what you’re saying about background tasks still running. And I do have 5 IMAP accounts, that’s won’t help either. So maybe the reason of this all lies in my fresh Windows 10 setup, as I almost never had this problem with older versions of Windows 10… Regarding closing down I always go into settings > file > shut off, guess that’s the long way for just clicking the top-right-x…