eMClient won't load

I click on the icon - nothing happens.
I slick on the program name in START- nothing happens

Open Task Manager to see if the process mailclient.exe is running. Then let me know the result. Thank you.

BTW what version of eM Client do you use? Install the RC2 version posted here on the forum - it should help.

Thanks - someone else suggested a fix and it worked. Should have been inthis thread. AND it was the same day - If I’d had to wait six days for a fix I’d be using a different program now.

What is the the RC2 version?


whats the fix???

I don’t remember the fix from two years ago but if you go to Control Panel --> Programs and Features --> click eM Client --> choose repair that may fix the problem.  I’ve used that process to fix eM Client several times.

Hi, thank you for sharing your solution, also let us know if you have any questions or issues related to eM client, we’ll be happy to help.