emClient won't launch (sometimes), but is listed in Task Manager. FYI

This isn’t a deal-breaker, but knowing this happens helps us help other emClient users experiencing this issue.

We have experienced this, usually after being open several days.  When closed and re-launched emClient will not launch and display initially, but it is listed in Task Manager.  Multiple launch attemps go ignored(undisplayed).   At this point, there is a MailClient.exe listed in the task manager.  In the task manager, MailClient.exe must be forced closed.  emClient then opens and operates normally.

We often leave emClient open for several days as the Rules are used for mail organization.  It can’t be closed and re-opened when out of the office for multiple days.  

Hello Edward,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could we please ask what antivirus and firewall are you using? We’d also ask you to download www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe and run it during the moment that you’re describing, that is when you try to launch eM Client and can’t see it but it is running in the task manager. Please send the .txt file that it creates to [email protected] with a link to this thread.

Thank you,

Thanks for your reply Maurice.

The antivirus is Avast.  Firewall: Windows 7 Pro native.

So should I launch the emstackdump.exe the moment I realize emClient won’t load?
Or should it be running as the condition begins?

Hello Edward,

Thank you for the additional info. As for the stackdump, please run it the moment you realize it won’t load.


I have the Stackdump emailed to you.
This stackdump was taken with the: 
-MailClient.exe listed in Processes
-emClient GUI will not launch

  • Just before the GUI was closed, mails would not load as described below.

I should also add, when this condition occurs, (the reason this is apparent to the user) is the client will not load email message and display them.  The 5 progress-dots at the top border indicate activity, but the message will never load.   emClient indicates the message can be loaded when the user ‘Goes back on line’ I believe.  So the subject is listed and loaded, but the rest of the content seems not to be loading from the server.

I will leave the MailClient.exe stuck in Processes a few minutes longer in case you have any additional questions.

This condition occurs probably 2-3 times per week.

I’m hoping this can be solved. 

Hello Edward,

Thank you for the files and the detailed description. I have passed it on to our developers and will get back to you as soon as they have a look.


Any hope on this one???

Have I mentioned this condition is preceded by the emClient failing to download the message “until you go back On Line…” (I’m Always On Line…)  Replies fail to download attachments, and won’t send without forcing closed a dialog box.

Then emClient WON’T Launch, in the task manager processes, the below is always listed…

emClient thinks it’s Not Online, but it Syncs?

Should the new version 7.1 fix this?

I am having this same issue repeatedly with EM Client.  It’s been great for about a year and now I am having issues.  I am not super computer savvy but I have tried a number of things and I still can’t get it to launch.  Help?