Emclient + win10

Hello ! Is there anyone who have problems with em client on win 10. Loks i must disable firewall to allow to send mail from the client.
When i enable fw on the computer the mail been in outbox and wil not go out.
I use imap and smtp on the account.
I have tried to make a roule on fw that allow email client getting through, but the same problemis still there.

Is there anyone who has a great usermanual with how to do for getting emails out from the emklient.
Inncomming mails are comming every time.

Hope someone have a good ide for this problem.

If you are using an optional firewall you would need to “allow eM Client access” through your firewall.

However if its the built-in Win 10 firewall in Windows security normally you don’t need to do anything.

So if you are having to disable the built-in firewall to get eM Client to work, I would suggest to try “Resetting it back to defaults” and then reboot your computer and try again.