eMClient Version: 6.0.23181.0 issues

There seems to be several issues with this version. I am very uncertain about updating to it, and I don’t see it being withdrawn. Just how certain is eM about this?

Hello David, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, there was a small issue with timezone data synchronisation on Gmail which we’ve resolved in this release 6.0.23330.0, the previous release 6.0.23181.0 is featuring adjustments for Windows 10 workstations other bug fixes, I’m not aware of any major issues with the release.


Hi Paul
Actually I replied to one of them, as did you.
I always refuse updates until I have checked the forum!
I do not use the latest that is mentioned on the forum as it could be an ‘internal build’ and perhaps not ‘optimised’ yet.

eMclient still suffers from the old corruption issues.
It dosn’t matter why it happens the fact that it does is enough.
It is all very well saying 'delete/rename profile and re-instate from backup.
The latter assumes that the backup worked and is not corrupt.
I do not leave my PC on all the time, so that days backup might not run anyway.
I use POP3 not IMAP so need a good backup locally.
So I still export to eml to be on the safe side.

I look forward to V7 with the use of Webkit, if all goes well it should be more resilient due to the reduction of dependancies.

Please ensure that the Devs’ caffiene drip is primed daily.



The above suggested update is an internal unreleased built as it only includes the GData fix that we’ve chosen to push manually to affected users. The problem should no longer be present in the release.

Backup should not be run if the database is corrupt - should not finish. From my personal experience I’ve been running eM Client for about 2 years now and I’ve never experienced a database corruption, all cases I’ve came across may have been caused by system issues or by quitting the application without waiting for uninitialization, of course anyone could say this - but I’m not aware of any major database issues in the application from my point of view.

Using IMAP also allows you to keep a safe backup on your server without the need to export items out of the database.


Hi Paul
I have a Pro lifetime license, so I’m in for life!
I have not had any corruption either, but as the old saying goes-
“There are 2 types of users of HDD, those that have had a HDD failure and those that are going to”
I know the IMAP protocol from IMAP2 days, I don’t think it was ‘bis’ which became IMAP4.
I have a ‘hosting’ package/domains that obviously includes a ‘mail server’ and being retired I have the mail server configured very simply.
It is POP3 & SMTP, so at home I have an email client and when I’m away from home I use it as ‘Web Mail’
Nice and simple. OK, so when using as webmail to send I have to use ‘another’ mail box and ‘cc’ it to my home addy, then a ‘local’ rule to move to sent box.

Something that would help is the introduction of some flexibility in the ‘backup routine’
By this I mean the conditional options of time and a ‘branching’ for non availability.
So if the client was not running at the backup time it would default to ‘next run + 20min’ or something like.