eMClient uses lots of CPU

Folks, became a em Client user last week. My problem is that em Client is using a huge amount of CPU time even if it isn’t doing anything at all (10-20%). Quad core I7 chip, 16gb RAM, Windows 10, 64 bit operating system). I do have a lot of stored mail (12gb) but not sure why that should use so much CPU if I’m not performing any operations. I can just sit and watch usage on Task Manager. Takes a long time to delete a single message.

Hello Doug,
that is quite strange, eM client could be able to take up this percentage at the startup, but even that does not go over 10 on my machine. Did this happen perhaps during startup or when you were downloading all your messages for the first time for offline use? How do you have synchronization set up in Tools>Settings>General? What type of accounts do you have?


Thanks, Olivia.  I am set to synchronize every 10 minutes.  Actually, at start up eMClient uses very little CPU.  Then it sort of randomly jumps up to 15-20%.  A single deletion or movement to another folder may get a warning that “this may take a minute.”  After that CPU usage just stays high.  I can run Task Manager and watch usage and it will sometimes just randomly jump up and stay at high usage.  I have one Verizon account, two Comcast accounts and a Google account.

Doug or anyone,

Did you resolve your issue? I reported exact same issue to EmClient support and thus far have had no resolution. Two very fast PCs and EmClient is highest CPU user on both – about 50x higher than Thunderbird.