emClient upgrade from 7.2.33974.0 to 7.2.34062.0 fails to start

I have emClient 7.2.33974.0, but a frequent popup dialog offers to upgrade me to 7.2.34062.0.  When I try nothing happens, no errors, no warnings, no upgrade.  Is this a known problem?

@ Brian Loether,

Yes, this is a known problem and has been for a month or more.
If you click Update, there is a verification popup, but it’s hiding behind eM Client.
Another problem is that it’s not showing the latest update

You can read more here https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/new-update-7-2-34062-0-notification-wont-install

and just go directly to the Release History as given by Russel Markosky in his answer

Before you update - Make a Backup - in case the update fails or gives trouble.