emClient taking too long to launch

I have just installed emClient on my PC but, when I click on the desktop icon, the program does not launch immediately.  I need to click sevral times before the program launches.  Why is that so?

Hi MikeSA,

I could write : “Because it is” ,but that tells you nothing…
The fact is, that for me, it loads slower than any other program and also unloads very slowly.
unless I forcibly clear it from memory.

Closing eMC and immediately shutting down the computer will give you an “error”
when you start eMC the next time.
It first has to do a database check - which can take a long time if you have a lot of mail…

BTW - Don’t click several times to start eMC, because you’re adding start commands
which the system has to deal with, so it may delay things even more…

It has been suggested to add a “splash-screen” which may show a loading-progress bar,
but that will also  slow things down- so is no help to speed the loading.

What the hell it is all loading - I don’t know.
It’s supposedly loading the database - but even if the database is small, it will still take
an unusually long time…

I’m talking about run-of-the-mill systems. A high(er) performance system with an SSD
will do it faster…

There is another discussion about that here:


I too found by installing an SSD drive is now opening way quicker.

Version 8 has a splash screen, so you know something is happening. It also loads much faster than version 7.