emClient Stopped After Bitdefender Install

I uninstalled Avast, then installed Bitdefender. Since then my emClient has stopped receiving email. I went to the diagnostics and it fixed an IMAP error, but still will not receive.

I’ll just comment that this is not a “global” conflict, I am running Bitdefender and eM Client works well, including IMAP protocol. (Win 7 64-bit) Maybe a settings issue somewhere?

yeah, I’m also using eM Client and Bitdefender…no issues here (although I’m not using IMAP).

Hi, can you try to disable bit defender for a while if eM Client will work after it?


Thanks for the responses. It seems it may just be a setting somewhere. John, I will disable BD and see if that helps. It may just be coincidence that that is when I noticed it. Away for a few days now but will get back to you next week.

ok, I will wait for your report :slight_smile:


Switched off BD and also turned off windows firewall but still nothing on the incoming side (outgoing is fine).

When I go into Diagnostics and run them it comes up as an error on IMAP, but by clicking Fix it says it fixes it (but it doesn’t).

Anything else you think I should try?

Just to keep you all informed . . . .

I even tried other email clients, but the good news for emC is that I did not like them as much. So this evening I uninstalled emC again, but this time before I did I deleted the gmail account, deleted all reg entries and basically tried to clear any trace off my PC. Then rebooted the PC.

After re-install of emC 6, I added the same email account back and it is working again.


Thanks to all who responded and tried to help.

Thank you for this information.