EmClient still damages WindowsI

I just reinstalled emClient (see “EMClient disables Windows”, this forum). The mail database check now seems to run correctly.

However, I started cleaning out the Trash and Junk folders in two accounts, which were overfull (about 4000 messages). Each time I commanded “Empty X”, the program froze; I had to stop it with the power button, restart, disregard the Windows startup fault, restart again, and endure the database check.
After four restarts the junk folders are clean, and the databasechecks are three minutes or less.

Now the Task Manager in Windows does NOT show the emClient as a task. I see three tasks: Chrome, WIndows Explorer, and Task Manager. I cannot identify any services associated with emClient.

Ten minutes later, emClient shows up again in the Task Manager (2 subtasks). I can’t understand why,

I also see that the number of Unread messages in the Favorites menu is 50% larger than the sum of the unread messages in all the other mailboxes.

Last question: I see that eMClient is shown as a 32-bit program, amid my 64-bit Operating System… Is there a 64-bit version? Could I be using that? Would using the 64-bit program prevent whatever memory leak is causing the crash while rebuillding the database?

Why do you think it froze? Let’s assume you did nothing else. I don’t know how powerful your computer is, or what kind of drives you have, or how much memory you have. But empty the trash, for 4,000 items is a serious task and will take quite a while. there are indexes to all the connected contacts, that includes cc and bcc. there are possible tags, and more. All those things need to be tracked down and cleared out for every single email. When you put in a contacts name, you get all his messages. If some messages were in trash, those links must be eliminated.

Then, at some point, the whole database could need to be re-organized. Again, I don’t know what kind of computer or how powerful it is, but the job could take many hours with your computer essentially unusable while it is working.

Don’t let your databases get so clogged up. Keep them maintained. 4,000 messages in trash is simply nuts.