emClient sound notification

I am trying the new Version on Windows 11 but in Windows Soundmixer there is no option to lower emClient’s notifications sound.

How can i change the Volume then?

How did you adjust the eM Client notification sound lvl in Windows 10 ?

Was it in the Win 10 mixer sound icon in the tray ? .

Didn’t use it on 10 that long to go any deeper into it.

But as I wrote, there’s no option to lower the Windows 11 sound for em client

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Windows 11 Volume Mixer…

I’ve had enough, I won’t renew my licence.

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Firstly, there are other clients that are better supported, not just by one person, and secondly, you get better access to the program. My account can be deleted.

By default the sound level is provided by the Windows Notification Centre (WIndows Action Centre in 10), but I don’t believe that Windows allows you to change that per app.

If you choose not to use system notifications, we don’t provide a way to change the sound volume either with direct notifications from eM Client. Sorry.

Please note that this is a community supported forum. Users like @cyberzork are not employed by eM Client. They are just really helpful users who give their time freely to assist other users. If you want direct support from eM Client, then please open a support ticket with us if you still have VIP Support on your Pro License.


The application will not show up in the volume mixer until it actually opens a sound channel (makes noise) in Windows and you have “use system notifications” disabled in eM Client so it uses its own notifications. So leave the application open, and have eM Client make a sound notification (such as a new incoming email) that you can hear. Once you hear eM Client make the actual sound then re-open the sound mixer and see if it is there.

I tested in Windows 10 and eM Client does show up after it opens the sound channel. Of course the behavior might be different in Windows 11.


Yeah, I also tested this, but in Windows 11.

  1. If you are using the default system notifications settings in eM Client, that is the default volume control for system sounds. That is for all system sounds, and not per app.
  2. If you are using eM Client’s own notifications, there is a separate volume bar.


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