emclient slow to start

I have recommended and installed eMclient on many local machines and without exception the program is slow to start. On systems with slow drives I receive complaints that sometime they wonder if it will start. This is aggravated by the fact that many users do not wait from Windows to settle down after boot, I then advise them to wait.

There is no doubt that starting of eMclient is slow. I have recently installed a M2 PCI SSD with a tested speed of 3500Mbyte/sec that with an i5 7500 with burst speed of 3.8Ghz (Desktop). Starting times are 4 secs with loading into memory and 2 seconds loaded into memory. Windows Mail takes 2 secs to load memory.

Our other system i7 3770S with 7200 rpm drive (All-in-One). First open 16 seconds, loading into memory and 3 seconds when in memory.

These two tests clearly demonstrate the faster speed of the SSD loading into memory.

Both computers have a similar email database size in that only a small amount of emails are retained and both have two email accounts (each one has a Microsoft Exchange account).

The issue for many home users is that they boot up the system to work with emails, the first and important load is very long for those with laptops and slower drives, even more so when they have a large quantity of emails. Load times being well in excess of 16 secs. This may not be as noticeable in a commercial environment when computers are left on for long periods.

Can the eMclient team take a look at this issue and improve the program load time and advise if a change has been made to improve?

Hi Davmax.

Haven’t seen this topic in a while. As you have discovered, the type of hard disk makes a huge difference, not only with eM Client load time, but with Windows in general. If the computer has more than one hard disk, make sure that the database is stored on the SSD. 
There were some changes made to the way eM Client starts in more recent versions, so I would suggest that you use the latest version available for download at http://www.emclient.com/release-history 
One last thing that comes to mind is that maybe eM Client is doing a database check on start. That may take about 5 or 6 seconds with a smaller size database, and longer for bigger databases.

Thanks Gary.
You have covered my text. 

  1. Yes SSD is used when installed. Lots do not have this option yet. So most will experience much > 16 sec. Referencing the test on one of the faster available hard drives. Guess you can understand what it may be like with slow Laptop drives. Hence the plea for these people, seeking improved loading time.

  2. I originally tested with recent version 7.1.32088.0 , have now tested the latest May version with no change in load times. Load is still slow in comparison to other email clients. Would welcome results that prove me wrong!!!

  3. Note my tests were done with a small database few emails and Contacts do not take up much space.

  4. DB check surely is not done every load time. Is there a way to stop this possibility?

Hopefully the eMclient team can see what can be done. 

Thanks again for you input.

I agree something should be done to improve use on mechanical hard disks. For some it is not an option to change hardware, so that is not a very useful suggestion. Also it should just work. I regularly check, but I have not been able to find a recommended minimum hardware spec for the application. It would be interesting to see what eM Client Inc.recommend.

I was trying to think what could cause a delay on startup, and the database check was all I could come up with. It will only run if eM Client was not closed properly, but again some improvement was made to shut down in more recent versions, so that should not be an issue. There should be a popup windows indicating that it is checking. 

Thanks Gary for your careful input. We are familiar with the data base check as you described. My testing certainly did not invoke  the test, just pure app loading.

I look forward to any insights you may have. I sent a message to Russel at eM Client just now regarding hardware requirements. He said he will look into it.

Thanks again. Great move. The reason I listed the SSD transfer rate is that one wonders what is happening in the first load time of 4 sec, ie the prospect of loading up to 14 Gbytes!!! However memory speed may slow this at 2133Mhz. ??? transfer rate in bytes.???