Emclient slow to load

Emclient can take several minutes to load and over a minute to open an email. Any suggestions ?

IMHO “several minutes” is a very long time, never happened to me.
The email opens in a fraction of second, maybe something to fix at OS level.(heavy background tasks ?)

Yes, even half a minute would be too long for me.

Something that will affect this is hardware, like having the database or OS running of a mechanical hard disk. Moving to an SSD will give a huge performance increase to Windows itself, but the database will also benefit from read and write speeds about 1000 time faster.

Hi, I have just had the version 8 update which is better. It now takes 21 seconds to load and about 7 seconds to load an email. Excel and Word take about 2 seconds. I have a 0.5GB SSD.

Do these response times seem reasonable?

For you, that is a HUGE improvement.

For me, that would not be reasonable because I have the same times as @Mic where messages open almost instantly.

Not a mechanical hard disk then, so most likely not the cause. ;-(

Can you disable conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) and see if that improves anything.

I have checked again this morning and found that the time taken seems to vary between 6 and 21 seconds to load up and about 7 secs to load an email. Sometimes it does not load at all despite the circle timer twirling for many seconds. It needs another click to get it going. Windows 10 mail loads in 2-4 secs, Word and Excel in less than 2. Not really impressed.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab for your email account.

Make sure that the offline options are selected. eM Client will sync all your messages for offline use, so give it a while to finish that. Afterwards, see if that makes any difference.


Yes, Thanks, I already have these settings. What Port and security settings do you have?


Best port for IMAP is 993 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

You can also use 143 and Use SSL/TLS if available

Yes, the first is what I am using too. The response is unpredictable, sometimes its a few seconds, sometimes getting on for a minute. It’s very frustrating!

Thanks for your help anyway.