emClient SDK / API , create a new email and add a attachment by command line

we have a pdf creation tool and we would like to support eMClient too, we just need to know what is the command line syntax to create a new email and add an attachment ?
or if there is another source of doc for API / SDK ?

the software product is : http://www.greencloudprinter.com
it’s for the feature ( send pdf by email )

I’d like to be able to create a task (and set some task values) from the command line.

Agree. Back when I was using Outlook, I had a shortcut on my desktop to create a new mail message. A command line option was available to do that. This would be very useful with eM as well.

hello. there are few parameters (/newmail, /newcontact, /newevent, /newtask) to create a new item.
There is also an ‘/open’ parameter which, followed by the path to a file, either opens the file (if it is an .eml, .vcf or .ics file) or attaches the file to a new mail

Thanks tombam

Yes, thanks. That works!

Are there any parameters which would add body text to the email created from /newmail /open C:\file.txt I am wanting to create an email with an attachment and bodytext from script. Thanks.

Sorry, there is no way to do it at the moment, but we will consider the possibility you described

Thanks for getting back. I’ve managed to solve the problem using MAPI controls.


thank you for your update on this issue.