eMClient puts emails with DKIM & DMARC DNS records into Junk

I have added DKIM and DMARC DNS records to my mail account but there’s a problem. Where a recipient uses eMClient, my emails always go into Junk Mail. If there a solution?

Usually if emails go straight in the junk mail folder, that usually means the eg: receiving server mailbox is automatically doing that with some server automatic mailbox filter or manual server mailbox filter, and eM Client is then just mirroring that locally.

However if those emails are showing ok in the receivers inbox online, and it’s only email client that is then moving it to the junkmail folder, then eM Client may have a eg: Rule setup to manually move it to the junkmail folder when it receives your emails with the DKIM & DMARC.

So first dbl-check that your sent emails are showing ok in the receivers inbox in webmail before they open eM Client. If they are not, then have the recipients check their server mailbox filters. They may need to add your email address to a eg: server mailbox whitlist to fix that or speak to their mailbox technical support staff.

However if your emails are showing ok in the receivers inbox in their webmail, then have the receivers go in eM Client to “Menu / Rules” to check if they have any rules setup to move your email. They can dblclick the rules to open them.

They can also uncheck all the eM Client rules like Spam / Blacklist etc and save / close rules to test if anything is in there moving it.

Lastly In eM Client in rules along the top, (depending on their accounts), they can select between Local & Server rules so have them check all the rules if they have both options.