emclient offline

the programe notice me that emclient can’t connect to update server and it go to be offline, a can’t get may mail
plz help me

If you were using eM Client in trial mode, and the 30 days have past without your activating a Free or Pro License, the application will be in offline mode.

To check if you have activated eM Client, go to Menu > Help > License.

i have a active one i purchased a while ago but it still is coming up in offline mode. when i try to upgrade that previous key (we purchased 6 keys as a company) it says it cant recognize it. 

Maybe the activation key was copied incorrectly. If you go to http://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key and enter the email address used to register the license, you can get a copy of the key sent to the registered address.

Licenses are also specific to the version of eM Client you are using. If the license was purchased for version 6, it will not work with version 7 unless you upgrade the license.

I did the forgot and had it resent to me. It was purchased for 6 and was going to pay the 20.00 to upgrade to 7 since my company will reimburse me. That is what I mean, when I try to upgrade the licence it says invalid. 

Then you need to contact eM Client directly, and they will be able to help you further. You can open a support ticket, or contact them by email. See https://emclient.com/company-information for details.