eMclient not starting in Windows 10


eM Client suddenly does not start in Windows 10. Does anyone have the same issue, or has found a solution? Thanks in advance for your input.

Check the Task Manager to see if there is another instance eMC already running. If there is select the task and then click on “End task”. Start eMC.

No instance running, try closijng VPN/anti-virus applications.

None of the above solves the issue then try re-booting Windows.

Thanks for the response, sunriseal.
I just found that for some reason the program was launching but it was in a minimized state. I right clicked it and maximized it. So, I set the properties of the .exe to run maximized. Problem solved.
Now to find out why it was minimized.

This happens to me regulary. I close the emclient. But I guess it is not closed completly. So it is kind of hidden opened. So it is not possible to start it again unless kill the task in the taskmanager. This was not with emClient 8.

So i guess it is a bug with emClient 9 :frowning:


So it is not possible to start it again unless kill the task in the taskmanager. This was not with emClient 8.

This is not an issue with eM Client V9 and will be something to do with what other programs are starting up with your Windows in the background which then is interfering with closing eM Client.

Disable all background tasks other than the basic OS on the boot to test and then see if eM Client V9 then closes correctly without closing it manually in the task manager.

Also make sure you have updated all your Windows or Mac OS patches and updates etc.

I understand. But why wasn’t it a problem with emClient8? It directly appears after installing and using emClient9. No Windows Change.
So what is different in emClient9, so this “Windows-Bug” is triggered? Probably it is only the update process from 8 to 9 broken?

Do any other have this issue?

Finally I returned back to emClient 8 and everything is ok.

I have the same issue with trying to launch eMClient 9.0.1708 and have discovered the application is not closing because it is “The application is uninitalizing” and will stay in this error state until it is terminated by a force close.

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Have you tried, if this is fixed with 9.1 ?

@TomFullen @talbotrg49

Have you done all the Windows 10 updates and are running the latest official build 21H2 ?

If you haven’t then suggest to do that and try again.

Btw - eM Client 9.1 works perfectly on Windows 10 for myself and many of my friends with the 21H2 Win 10 build & all patches since.

I’d you want to try eM Client 9.1 latest build you can get it via the version history page.

Note: Backup eM Client first via “Menu / Backup” and you can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”. Lastly close eM Client before installing any new eM Client version.

Lastly if still an issue opening or closing eM Client, then if you have any eg: Third party Firewall / Security programs, or Antivirus programs or VPNs etc, try disabling (All those Temporarily) to see if any of those are interfering with eM Client.

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In fact, it is solved with 9.1 Really great! Thanks a lot!

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The issue was fixed with eM Client 9.1.

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Yes the issue was fixed when 9.1 was installed. Win10 is always kept fully patched. Shutting down the VPN and Virus software had no effect on the issue. Thanks for everything.