EMCLIENT Not Recognizing My G-Mail or Google Password

I’m attempting to install EMClient onto a new hard drive, as my previous hard drive died. When I go to enter my PASSWORD to continue the installation process, it is saying the password is wrong, My “guess” is because EMClient has an old G-Mail/Google password stored in IT’S database and I had to change most of my previous passwords, including G-MAIL and GOOGLE. It would appear that EMClient is looking for my previous password (G-MAIL or GOOGLE) which I do not have or remember.

Is my ONLY option to re-purchase the software and start over from scratch?
I’ve sent several messages requesting assistance to the EMClient Support Team, but have NEVER received a response.

Please advise as to the EASIEST way to install EMClient on to my NEW computer.
If my only option is to start from scratch and pay for the software again, then so be it.

But ANY answer from EMClient Support to help resolve this issue that’s gone unanswered for three weeks would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Are you using the automatic email wizard setup as in the eM Client Google Workspace setup ? Or are you manually setting it up.

Also does your Gmail password work online in a browser ?

If your password works online ok, then it will just be a typo problem or maybe caps lock on etc, so just rerun the automatic setup & try again.

If your password doesn’t work online in a browser, reset it in Gmail online and then once working online try again in the eM Client auto wizard.

Also if you have been doing regular eM Client backups (either manually via “Menu / Backup” or automatically via "Menu / Settings / General / Backup), and copied them to other internal , external or cloud drives etc from your “user profile Documents / eM Client” folder, then you can restore those backups which will bring everything back as it was including the activation etc.

So if you do have an eM Client recent dated backup, reinstall the same or later version of eM Client from the version history page and once installed and the program opens, skip the wizard initial setup. Then copy your most recent eM Client backup dated .zip file into your new harddisk “user profile Documents / eM Client folder”.

Then in eM Client click “Menu / File / Restore” and your backup dated.zip file will appear. Restore that when prompted and everything should then be as it was on your old harddisk ready to go.

Alternatively if you have a copy or ghost image of your old harddisk user profile folder, your can go to the “hidden roaming data eM Client folder” (which is in different locations depending on if you have Windows or Mac) and then copy the “entire contents” of that folder. Then when you have installed eM Client on your new harddisk, you can then replace the hidden data roaming eM Client folder with your old harddisk folder.

Note: If you do the above option close eM Client before overwriting the eM Client hidden roaming data folder. I would also suggest to “delete the entire contents” of the new hidden folder" and then paste your old hidden folder contents in there.