Emclient not receiving emails after ISP change

I recently changed my ISP and now my emails don’t work. The error just says its a temporary server problem, but it’s days now. Problem is some receive and some send only. outlook and gmail and old ISP emails and my own website emails too.

Sounds like it could be an issue with your new ISP. Maybe phone them and explain the problem.

Also, try restarting the router (and the PC) and see if that helps.

Presumably Outlook and Gmail webmail work OK?

Of course I have already contacted my ISP’s old and new who both informed me that because I can access the emails on their respective platforms , it is emclient that is the issue.

Thanks for trying. to help.

the error just says its a temporary server problem, but it’s days now.

If your new ISP claims their end is ok and you can browse websites ok, then could be you have an optional program installed possibly interfering with eM Client. So if you have any eg: Optional Firewall/ Security programs, or Optional Antivirus programs or VPNs installed, try completely disabling those to test.

Failing that, go in eM Client to “Menu / Operations” via the dropdown menu next to refresh top left and click the Log tab. Then look for any obvious errors and paste them in this thread.

Actually, I did also follow your other suggestion and rebooted everything and all is fine now

So thank you for your help I should have tried that first !

That’s good news.

Thanks for the feedback