eMClient Not Opening Links In Chrome

Hello. I just installed eMClient last night. Working perfectly, and exactly what I needed. I restarted my computer this evening, about 30 minutes ago, and now eMClient won’t open links in my default browser, which is Chrome. In order to open a link in eMClient, I need to right click, copy the link, paste it into Chrome.

I tried resetting the default browser to Microsoft Edge, and eMClient will open links in Edge. I then set my default back to Chrome, and eMClient won’t open links. I restarted the computer twice, restarted Chrome, restarted eMClient. Google is not showing me anything to help.

Windows 10 19042.630 (20H2)
eMClient 8.0.3385 (83a873c)
Chrome 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build)

martes 24 noviembre 2020 :: 0951hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @

From Settings in Windows 10
->Default Apps
->Scroll down to
->Choose default applications by file type
->Change to your preferred browser

That’s it!

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¡Saludos desde la América invernal! Gracias por la respuesta, ¡parece que ha funcionado! Windows se vuelve extraño cuando no usa los programas predeterminados de Microsoft …

Greetings from wintry America! Thank you for the reply, that seems to have done the trick! Windows gets weird when you don’t use the default Microsoft programs…

I am having this problem. Your solution and others have not worked.

When you click on an email link with chrome as the default browser, what does it do?

When you click on a link with Firefox as the default browser what does it do?

When you grab a link from the internet (some page you are in), and paste it as a shortcut on your desktop, what happens when you click on it?

With Chrome as default, my cursor changes to show it’s trying to process the request for about 3 seconds then returns to normal. The link does not open.

With Firefox as default, links open with no problem.

With a link as desktop shortcut, it opens with no problem.

sábado 02 octubre 2021 :: 1539hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Sneakacat

Are you using the same link in each of the 3 tests?
When opening from desktop shortcut have you tried with both browers?
What is the link pointing to? (for example a zip, rar, 7z, gif, png, pdf, doc, xlsx, docx, htm, html, etc)

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I guess the problem is with Chrome. I guess I didn’t test the desktop link with Chrome as default before. The desktop shortcut does not open with Chrome.

So nevermind.

I suggest either Vivaldi or Brave. Both are privacy centered browsers based on the chromium engine. Brave is simple. Vivaldi can be, but can also be wonderfully configured to look and do a billion things you never knew before you couldn’t live without.