emClient not downloading messages

I am using emClient v 6.0.21372.0 on a Windows 7 PC and using Gmail IMAP settings

When I first launch emClient it seems to download message headers and I have no problem viewing them. After a few minutes, I can only view previously viewed messages. When I try to view an unread message, I get the spinning circle like it can’t connect to the server. If I quit emClient and re launch it, the above process repeats. I believe this problem started about a week ago, perhaps a bit longer. 
Please advise. Thank you.

Hi, if you’re using the default settings in eM Client, the application automatically only downloads the message headers, allowing you to select which emails should be downloaded first, but in case you try to download the body content of the message you might be unable to display the content immediately as the application is currently still finishing the startup sync with your mail server.

Once the startup sync is finished you should be able to download the message content after opening the message. It is possible that the initial sync can take a longer time to finish, this however depends on the server’s responses and several other factors.

You should however be able to work around the issue by using the “Download messages for offline use” option in your account settings, having this option enabled means the application will automatically synchronize your message content with the message headers allowing you to view your items immediately.

Hope this helps,

I am using the default settings in eM client. I am not talking about the initial start up sync not working. It does work fine. It’s later, sometimes an hour or more later, when I attempt to view the message content of a previously downloaded header, the client will not sync to download it. It just hangs, spinning the busy circle next to the parent folder, and will not display the body of the message unless I quit the client and relaunch it. Then, it will download on initial sync, but after 30+ minutes the same thing happens. 

Hi, are you using any security software on your computer that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to your mail server?

Can you please try to update your eM client to this release and enable IMAP logging for the problematic account in Tools > Settings > Advanced? Save the setting, restart the application and replicate the issue.

Once the error reoccurs, please try to repair the mailbox you’re unable to display the message in, right click the mail folder the message is located in and navigate to the mailbox properties and to use the repair feature under “Repair”.

If the issue persists, please again restart the application, navigate to the advanced settings window and submit the logs to my email, mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic.

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