Emclient not downloading mail

I am using emclient version9.1.2019(9967b93) and it stopped downloading mail from my yahoo server, i am using windows 10 home. it has been ok up until yesterday

Hi Clive,

The same thing happened to me on Friday, and I reported it on here yesterday. Nobody’s replied to me yet. If you check Yahoo’s mail pages you should find any missing emails there.


hi peter,
emclient is not going online to yahoo to download the emails, i have checked the settings and they seem to be correct. i have checked yahoo and my emails are there. i have carddav and caldav in my settings which i have never seen before, could this be confusing the program

Hi Clive,

I’ve never come across either and don’t deliberately use them, so I think that’s unlikely. What I find weird is that my EMClient let 5 random Yahoo emails in today but blocked more than 30, all from the same mailgroup domain and some from the same senders it allowed through!