emclient not downloading emails

emclient will not download emails. have re-type username and password a lot of times.
have another email client that works without a problem…
the only problem is that it does not import emails…

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Are you receiving any errors from the application?
Where are you trying to import the emails from?

What mail service are you using?

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Hi Paul,
just did a check and found out that the server name was missing in the imap area. put the name in and now getting emails.? 
do not know how that got deleted!

now have a imap error :-

unable to upload message(about 5 of them)
{[serverbug]bug: unkown internal error}

my email host is Cheap Domain Hosting Australia

emclient version # 6.0.20617.0


Hi, glad that it works, unfortunately the error you’re now receiving is as stated a server error, not sure what might be causing this, but you might be able to fix the issue by repairing a folder that the messages are located in.
Just right click the folder and select properties > repair and click on the repair button.

Hope this helps, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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i leave emclient on 24/7
check this morning and it has not downloaded any new messages.!!
How do i know the other mail program has new messages…

what is going on???

Hi, I believe this issue is connected to your mail service provider, as stated above the application returned an error from the server side.
Please contact your mail service provider in order to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

why is your program NOT downloading…??
does it fully work with windows8.1?

the error i get is for uploading, NOT downloading…


Excuse me? Are you having some issues with downloading?
Yes eM Client is fully operational while using Windows 8.1, it’s also not causing any problems internally as you keep suggesting.

Can you please specify what issue are you having at the moment, you mentioned earlier that you’ve managed to fix it since your setup was missing server address.

The error the application is returning is server side, thus it’s not an issue of the application rather than the server.

Thank you for understanding,

had to input my details again, and it appears to be working…

now the emails I want in my inbox are now going into the junk mail folder.?

my main concern is (getting/downloading emails)

I am sure you realise, that it can get frustrating when all of a sudden a program that was working, decides not too.



eM Client does not have a spam filtering system, so if an email ends up in your junk folder it was marked as spam by your server.
You can only blacklist email address or domain in eM client, to edit the blacklist go to Tools > Rules > Blacklist.

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