eMClient Not Accept gmail on pop3 download

I am running the free version 9.0.1708 on Win 10. Attempts to download email from google have been successful for months until today. So now I get username and password not accepted. This seems to happen about once per year. So what’s wrong now?

jueves 02 junio 2022 :: 1808hrs (UTC +01:00)

You should read this earlier post from @Gary

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Since 2/06/2022 12:00 I can’t recieve my mail from gmail in eM client anymore according POP. I want to delete and reinstall the account (as sugested but then I loose all the mails of that acount in my eM client and there are important mails I want to keep that are not on the server anymore. How do I proceed?

In the link above it says: “eM Client allows duplicate setups, so you can create your IMAP account alongside the POP one and then copy the messages from your POP account to the IMAP one. Once your messages are copied over, it is safe to remove the POP account.”

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Sorry I have a free eM client and have two accounts in it (the maximum) so I can’t create a duplicate as you sugested. Neither can I create an Imap acount.

Sorry I have a free eM client and have two accounts in it (the maximum) so I can’t create a duplicate as you suggested.

In “Local folders” in eM Client at the bottom left, if they are both POP accounts you can create folders called eg: Old mail 1 and Old mail 2 and then drag your POP mail “from each account at the top” including any folders associated with each account “down to these old mail folders”.

Backup eM Client first though before you do anything via “Menu / Backup”.

Once your old POP mail is all down safely in local folders and backed up, then “remove your old POP accounts” at the top and re-add your Gmail IMAP account and / or any other IMAP account.

Then once you then have setup your Gmail IMAP or any other IMAP accounts, then drag back up your POP account email from local folders old mail to the relavent IMAP account matching folders.

To show local folders in eM Client, click “Menu / Settings / General / Show local folders"

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Thanks cyberzork it worked !!

I spoke to soon it stiil doesnt work to connect to server gmail pitty at least i did not loose any important mails

I spoke to soon it still doesn’t work to connect to server gmail

Click “Menu / Operations” and go to the log tab and look for any obvious errors and then post them in this thread.

Also when you setup your Gmail account in eM Client via the automatic wizard, did you get the “Browser appear” on the last step to “allow eM Client access to your Google account” as per support doc below.