eMclient no longer supports Hotmail

Something has changed. As of Aug 2016 Microsoft now uses a different server for Hotmail. they have changed to Outlook. The server address and the email settings are different. Therefore eM Client doesn’t work. I have asked support for a solution to the problem but they told me to re add the email account and “see if that works.” This didn’t work. My business which runs on email now has a broken cog. I started using Outlook but it has a shitty csv file import system which has always messed up the contacts. It also requires a manual update every time you add a new contact. eM Client need to get their act together and come up with a patch or minimally a work around. I cant wait for them to sort out something which they knew was coming. I’m looking for another email client.
I installed Thunderbird.
It is a no brainer. I added three Hotmail addresses and a Gmail address. Thunderbird sorted out all the server and account setting. I added the gContactSync addon and integrated my gmail address book and contacts. It now syncs everything between my android phone and my PC.
It took me half an hour to find out why eMclient no longer worked with Hotmail, then 4 hours to try to reset all the accounts over and over with what looked like the right server settings etc and failing.
Then I just spent 30 minutes to replace eMclient with something which I think is just as good and no doubt has better support!

Same problem, not receiving hotmail messages since the last Windows Update about a week ago !