emclient no licens messesage with no solution

So i just got a popup saying there was no license and that stuff wouldn’t work anymore, it did not give me any way to solve the problem.
I have entered the free license a few weeks ago. So i don’t know why it stopped working.

Your best option as a Pro License user, is to contact eM Client by opening a support ticket.

While you are waiting for a response, you can check that you have not activated the same Pro License on more that one computer. If you have, go the the License Manager, and deactivate the license. Then reactivate it in eM Client by going to Menu > Help > License.

The login details for the License Manager will have been sent to you when you purchased the license. If it was purchased through the University, then you may have to contact your IT Support for details.

I started getting the error on my laptop as well, but i remember that i requested a separate key and didn’t just reuse the one i already had. But sure, i’ll ask their support if that’s the way to go.
Also, i don’t have any login to license manager.