eMClient mail is the best! eMClient calendar sync... OH DEAR!

Please help!
I really need to sync google calendar to my eMclient calendar… All I see is:

[Google Calendar] Synchronizing folder ‘davemures@gmail.com/Calendar’ failed due to the following error: The calendar doesn’t contain a timezone ‘TZID=Asia/Famagusta’ referenced from its components.

With eMCIient I have the best email app… if I can connect my google calendar to it, I will have the best calendar app!


What version of eM Client are you using David?

Hi. I’m using the latest version, 8

Latest version 8 means 8.0.2646?

If it is an earlier version, please update to the latest in the Release History and see if there is any difference. If it is still a problem, you can also send any feedback about beta version testing to testing@emclient.com.

Thanks. I am using 8.0.2646.
I’ve messaged testing@emclient.com

I’ve the same issue on 8.0.2951 (e2fe9f0). It works fine on Caldav, once I managed to dig up the DAV URL for Google, but I would like it to be fully integrated with the actual main Gsuite account

I raised this on my own and I managed to solve it on my own :), there was an issue with a recurring event with an iffy timezone, full details of solution here: The calendar doesn't contain a timezone 'TZID=Asia/Famagusta' referenced from its components