emClient + Kerio Connect


I am testing emClient in order to have it replace Mail.app and GPG Suite in a small company (~20 seats). We’re using a Kerio Connect mail service and it would not be such an issue manually configuring the clients but as my emClient autoconfigured mail but not CalDAV/CardDAV my colleagues machine refused mail auto config but shows all subscribed calendars. This is weird.

Is there an “official” manual on using Kerio Connect w/ emClient?

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You can find the setup instructions for Kerio here.

Unfortunately, the described solution does not work. During setup, the last step of the instructions (selecting the services mail/contacts/calendar) cannot be performed. The error is always displayed:

An element node ‘soap:Header’ of the type Element was expected, but node ‘Body’ of type Element was found.

This looks like a server error from the Kerio server.