EmClient keeps prompting for login to GMail

Setup app password after installing free version of EmClient. It synced with Gmail and brought in new messages. Then I closed it and opened it back up later to send an Email. When I clicked on Send it opened up my browser and wanted me to login to Gmail. If I wanted to login to Gmail everytime I needed to send an Email I wouldn’t have installed EmClient. I see many questions in the forum like this but they are years ago and there isn’t much in the way of an answer. Hopefully someone knows a resolution?

I am using POP3 and do not want IMAP. I only use Email, nothing else. Thank you.

You need to enable less secure apps in your Google settings in order to use POP3. Give that a go and see if it solves the issue.

When I logged into my Gmail account today to check this setting (although I use other App passwords and think this is already set), I got a pop up that wanted me to choose an account to “proceed to EmClient.” When I selected my account, I got another pop up that said “EmClient wants to access your Google account. This will allow EmClient to…” and listed all the permissions, just as if I were on a phone.  As I recall when I first installed EmClient I had to select whether I wanted to use Calendar and Chat and I did not select these. But, now I have no choice but to give permissions for those items in my Google account. The only reason I tried EmClient was because Thunderbird continues to have font size issues that cause finagling every month to get and maintain the font to a readable size and I thought something else might be easier. But Thunderbird never asked for all my permissions after I set up an App password and I never had to deal with Calendar or Chat. So while I assume EmClient will now work ‘properly’ I am going back to Thunderbird. Thank you for your reply.

Also, I had too many issues trying to login and update this issue. This forum is a pain.

If your account is setup as POP3, you should not be using 0Auth, which is the process you have just described.

Do you maybe have the account setup more than once?

Can you confirm when going to your account settings that it is setup as POP3?

It should look like this

not this

Sorry that you had difficulty logging into this forum. I have done it thousands of times and not had any problems.

No, the account is only setup once - EmClient free version only allows two accounts and both of mine are setup. The POP3 is not the problem. This tab has credentials and messages are being received in both Email accounts (using the App password). The problem only occurs when you try to send.

For accessing the forum, I am clicking on the “View Reply” button in the email message. I am then taken to a webpage that allows me to enter a reply. But, when I click on Submit I am prompted to sign in, over and over again. I figured out this is because I have my browser set to only accept cookies from visited sites, not everything, which doesn’t accept a cookie from getsatisfaction.com since I am on emclient.com.

However, in the meantime I have downloaded Thunderbird again, added the Chrome.css file to my TB profile, and set TB up again with new app passwords. TB worked in less than 5 minutes. Imperfect, but much better than EmClient issues - so I’ve uninstalled EmClient. Thank you again for your help - but I don’t feel like troubleshooting it further.

Now I just need instructions for deleting my support account.