EMClient keeps freezing

HI I have version 6.0.19714.0. It “freezes” when I ask it to do something for a short time and my CPU usage shoots up to 10%. Then it gets to do whatever it was asked (open email, send email, search etc). It is getting very frustrating.
I am running 64bit WIndows 8 with 64GB RAM and 3.5GZ with 6 cores so I don’t think it’s my computer capacity. it is a recent build. The problem started in the last few days with the download and installation of an update. It is seriously affecting my productivity.
Please can you advise a fix?

Hi, does it freeze completely sometimes? Or is it like this all the time?


Your question is timely.

Up until half an hour ago it was doing it everytime I asked it to do something.

I turned off the magnifier which for some reason opens on its own and just noticed that performance is back to expected. It must have been the magnifier causing it to freeze because the screen went blurry at the same time.

Problem solved, I think. Thank you! If you hadn’t emailed me right now I wouldn’t have noticed the improvement.

I am having the same problem. The program freezes up whenever it is syncing. If I am in the middle of writing an email … I have to wait for it to finish syncing before it will let me continue. using Version 6.0.19714.0. Pro license.

nice, I still have no idea what could cause your issue, but main thing is that it helped you, just inform me here if you will receive this issue again.


6.0.19861.0 - Same thing. W7x64 Ult.

  • Often during mail checks

  • Often during junk assignment

  • Sometimes when scrolling in an email with pictures

  • Sometimes when going to Smart Folders > All Inboxes

  • Sometimes when composing

Other observation: About 95% of the time when this happens, the Title and Menu bar do something funky. It’s like the title bar expands into 2 rows, the menu bar shifts down, sometimes the app goes pale (frozen), cursor goes to spinning circle, then when it unfreezes, all goes back to normal.

can you provide a screenshot next time this happens? Also do you need to restart the application or does it ‘unfreeze’ after some time?
If the application freezes and stays frozen can you download this tool (http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe) and run it while it’s frozen?
It should create a file, can you send me that file to [email protected]?

Thank you,

yes. I will screenshot it and send.
No need to restart. it comes back anywhere from ~3-to ~40 seconds later.
DL’d stackdump. Will try to run while frozen.

thank you for the screenshot. Did you manage to make the stackdump file as well?

Thank you,

I had a similar issue. The problem was caused by my google Gmail calendar account. Discovered that you have to use your gmail email address as your logon to get google calendar items not your personal email address. (even though google allows you to use your personal(non gmail) address to log in. I changed my username in the settings to my gmail address and the problem was solved.