eMclient is unable to connect to my provider

My eM Client has not been working for the past 4 days. My provider, Suddenlink, changed my user name from my email address (bobculp@suddenlink.net) to bobculp. I have changed my user name in eM Client to bobculp but it will not connect. Every attempt to connect gets the following error message:

Server says (invalid user ID or password")

I occasionally also get: eM Client can’t verify identity of “imap.suddenlink.net

My wife has the same problem with the change from phyllisculp@suddenlink to phyllisculp.

I have the paid version and despertly need your help.

Have you attempted to log in to “suddenlink” directly, not via eMC?

Yes, no problem. Thanks for your willingness to help.

Perhaps you should consider removing the account from eMC and then re-adding it back

Apparently these are the IMAP & SMTP Suddenlink settings below according to many websites,

You also appear “to need” your “Full email address” for the username and not just the username.

Are these the settings you have ? Or something different.

Suddenlink IMAP Incoming mail server:- imap.suddenlinkmail.com

Port 993 requires SSL
Port 143, non-secure

Suddenlink SMTP Outgoing mail server:- smtp.suddenlinkmail.com

Port 465, requires SSL
Port 587/25, non-secure