eMclient is taking 15 seconds to display Google emails in the content pane

How would I begin to troubleshoot Google emails taking a very long time to appear in the content pane when I click the email in the list of emails? This problem just started a day ago after several years of no issues with eMclient and Google mail. My internet speeds are fine, Gmail web client in the browser is speedy and having no such issues, and I’ve done PINGs and TRACERTs to google.mail.com and have also pinged my DNS server ( per this advice from Google at the link below, and all is good, with no packet loss, sub-15ms responses, and about 15 hops.

Troubleshoot slow performance in Gmail - Google Workspace Admin Help

Could be some sort of local eM Client account cache problem and might need repairing or might need the account removing and reinstalling.

So to repair eM Client, right click on the Gmail “All Mail” folder on the left, and then click “Properties” at the bottom. Next click the “Repair” tab at the top, and finally click Repair. This process can take time so be patient.

If the Repair makes no difference, then next make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Then click “Menu / Accounts” and remove and re-add your Gmail account which should fix it.

You can also change the default (Account read setting) in eM Client if you prefer to “Download all messages offline” rather than only reading the IMAP email headers by default. To do that click “Menu / Accounts” and then “click on your email account on the left” and finally “click the IMAP Tab” along the top". You will then see the “Sync Options” check box at the bottom to d/l emails for offline use etc.

I did some experimenting last night and found that the slowness is related to HTML rendering. Plain text is speedy. I was coming back to the forum to add that bit of info to my question when I saw your suggestions. I’ve just completed the Repair but that doesn’t improve the speed. I will try the “download all messages offline” and see if that improves the situation. Thanks

Sometimes this can also be caused by eg: very high resolution inline images loading in the email which initially can take time to fully load due to the pixel / image size depending on how large they are. Once they are read and cached though, they should read straight away the next time.